Bull Street



A Wall Street Novel



Bull Street

Cover photograph copyright 2005 © by Herman J. Lender

The global financial crisis and an insider trading scam are the backdrop to this story of a starry-eyed MBA who collides with a corrupt world of Wall Street crooks in Saville Row suits.

As an investment banker for over 25 years, David’s friends have asked him, how could this world financial meltdown happen? He’s answered them, how could it not happen? When he got his first job on the Street he was a naive kid, but it didn’t take him long to find out Wall Street is full of con artists, misfits and swindlers, all with their hands on way too much money.

So he started thinking, what if a hungry young MBA lands a job at Wall Street's hottest investment bank and learns it's an insider trading ring centered around its biggest client?

And what if that client is basically an honest guy, but let himself get dragged into the ring years ago by the top Wall Street crooks?

When the kid discovers irregularities that reveal the ring’s activities, he gets his fingerprints all over them. He goes to the client with what he knows and they team up to bring down the ring before the feds or the Wall Street crooks can chase them down.

Bull Street is the story of Richard Blum, a naive young Wall Streeter, who gives Harold Milner, a jaded billionaire, the chance for redemption as they team up to bring down an insider trading ring before they wind up in jail or dead.

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