On Home Soil


Sasha Del Mira #4

CIA assassin Sasha Del Mira and her agency cohort, Tom Goddard, are involved in a steamy romance, and both begin questioning their motivation to stay in the spying game. When ISIS sends its top battlefield commander in Syria, Omar the Albino, to the States to train and mobilize its underground cells to bring its jihad to the U.S., Sasha and Tom are thrust into an all-out effort to thwart ISIS’ deadly radical Islamic agenda. Omar quickly organizes a series of kidnappings, and ISIS videos begin surfacing on the Internet of American hostages in orange jumpsuits. Complicating matters, a nationwide group bent on vigilante justice arises to combat the ISIS menace and threatens to go rogue against anyone fitting a Muslim profile. Can Sasha and Tom track down Omar before he unleashes a bloody wave of beheadings and terrorist attacks on home soil, and before social chaos erupts?

In this fourth book of the Sasha Del Mira series, On Home Soil sees heroine Sasha forced to explore the values and traditions she considers worth fighting for, in an international espionage thriller with fast-paced action driven by a steely female protagonist who is the equal of any male superspy.

On Home Soil

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