The Gravy Train


Wall Street at its cold-blooded worst sets the stage for this tale of an inexperienced  investment banker set against the sophisticated financiers who showed him how the deals business really works.

Novice investment banker Finn Keane lands on Wall Street during booming markets.  His boss is Jack Shane, the firm’s smartest, toughest and most ruthless dealmaker.  During his first deal, Finn befriends the client company’s aging Chairman, Nick Christanapoulas, who’s stepped aside to let his son-in-law take the reins for a major acquisition and financing that will catapult the regional department store chain Nick founded into the big leagues. Shane gives Finn an education on Wall Street’s methods, milking Nick’s company for fees.  When the deal goes sour, Finn decides to help Nick try to buy his company back out of bankruptcy, pitted against Shane and his equally hardnosed Wall Street cronies.  Finn soon finds himself in the knife-fight of his life as Shane and his team of Wall Street insiders stop at nothing to sabotage Finn and Nick’s deal so they can have their way with  Nick’s company.

The Gravy Train is the story of a young investment banker who helps an aging Chairman try to buy his company back from bankruptcy, pitted against ruthless Wall Street sharks who want to carve it up for themselves.

The Gravy Train

Copyright 2011 © by David T. Lender

Cover photograph copyright 2005 © by Herman J. Lender

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