Trojan Horse


Sasha Del Mira #1

International finance, oil profiteering, espionage and a race to stop a terrorist plot are the backdrop to this love story between an exotic spy who longs for a soulmate and a life-saturated financier who’s a recent widower.

As an investment banker for over 25 years, David did some international oil an gas deals and learned that anybody who works in oil and gas eventually encounters the power of OPEC.  So he started thinking, what if an oil and gas investment banker who's been doing deals for ages is ready to hit the beach but lands a deal where he can net himself 25 million bucks? 

That’s the case when Daniel Youngblood is hired to help acquire oil refining companies for OPEC by a Saudi Prince, who is also the Saudi Finance Minister and OPEC’s most powerful board member.  At the same time, he meets Lydia, an exotic European fashion photographer.  Just as he's falling in love with her, he discovers she's Sasha, a CIA-trained spy for the Saudi Prince.  When he confronts her, she says I couldn’t tell you the truth because we didn’t know if we could trust you.  The reason I’m doing this is to stop a Muslim terrorist plot to bring down the Saudi royal family and cripple the world’s oil capacity.  And the plot leads to you and your clients, because they’ll do it by hacking into and sabotaging the oil and gas industry’s computer software programs that run all its operations.  And their window into the software is through your links to your clients.  Now he has to decide if he trusts her.

When he decides to, that puts the two lovers in a race to discover which of his clients’ computers have been compromised, who the hacker saboteurs are, then trace them back for a showdown with the plot’s terrorist masterminds, all before they wind up dead.

Trojan Horse is the first installment of the Sasha Del Mira series.

Trojan Horse

Copyright 2011 © by David T. Lender

Cover photograph copyright 2005 © by Herman J. Lender

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